Tuesday - May 28th, 2024
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Pat Irwin: 2024 Catch-Up

  1. Pat Irwin: 2024 Catch-Up Leah Roseman 1:45:26

This week’s episode is a Catch-Up episode with the renowned film and televison composer and multi-instrumentalist Pat Irwin, and we are featuring lots of Pat’s music for you today in different styles from many of his projects. 

In my previous episode with him from 2023, Season 3 of this podcast, we talked about his days with the B52s and composing the score for Dexter: New Blood, and we also talked about his band SUSS and his work mentoring graduate students, and so much more . I encourage you to click on the link to that earlier episode if you missed it: https://www.leahroseman.com/episodes/pat-irwin

Today’s conversation also jumps around Pat’s varied and fascinating creative life. You’ll hear more stories and music from some of his acclaimed cartoon music from Rocko’s Modern Life and songs from Pepper Ann.  We talk about, and you’ll hear music from some of his projects,  including rocking out with the PI Power Trio with Sasha Dobson and Daria Grace,  and new albums coming out with Cynthia Sley, with SUSS and with Julia Heyward.  I’m blown away by Pat’s detailed memory and this episode is rich with interesting stories, and also his down-to-earth advice. 

 Like all my episodes, you can watch this on my YouTube channel or listen to the podcast, and I’ve also linked the transcript to my website: https://www.leahroseman.com/episodes/pat-irwin-2024-catch-up

Pat Irwin website: https://patirwinmusic.com/

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(00:00) Intro

(03:25) writing music for Disney’s cartoon Pepper Ann, touring with B52s

(10:06) music: Enough, song from Pepper Ann musical episode

(12:10) process of writing and recording for Pepper Ann

(14:21) music: Photosynthesis, song from Pepper Ann musical episode

(15:45) collecting instruments, Ray Beats archives

(19:32) Rocko’s Modern Life, getting the band back together

(22:53) music: Junk Junkies from Rocko’s Modern Life soundtrack

(26:09) music: Bookshop from Rocko’s Modern Life soundtrack

(27:27) getting the Rocko’s band back together

(29:33) re-purposing music, SUSS new album

(36:55) music: Heat Haze SUSS

(41:28) But I’m a Cheerleader

(43:59) how and why to pitch 

(49:54) Nurse Jackie

(50:15) music from Nurse Jackie

(50:13 advice for preparing reels, learning collaboration, students at NYU and Brooklyn College

(01:01:14) can you buy me a coffee? Thanks for supporting the series!

(01:01:56) music from Nurse Jackie

(01:01:55) learning to collaborate as a media composer

(01:04:53) Cynthia Sley Command V, Bush Tetras 

(01:07:05)music:  Command V with Cynthia Sley Lost On Me

(01:11:58) changes in the music industry

(01:16:18) the PI Power Trio Sasha Dobson, Daria Grace, Pat’s love of instrumental Rock ’n Roll

(01:21:48) music: The Walk PI Power Trio

(01:25:05) George Scott, Raybeats, PI Power trio

(01:29:10) film When Last Seen 

(01:30:04) music from Pat’s score to film When Last Seen

(01:31:39) working on When Last SEen, T Venus with Julia Hayward

(01:35:11) music: excerpt from Smile, Don’t Touch That Dial with T Venus Julia Hayward

(01:36:32) the importance of friendships with your peers, decision to stay in New York instead of LA, knowing your strengths

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I am a violinist and podcaster. This interview series features a really interesting mix of musicians, talking about their lives and careers, with perspectives on overcoming challenges, and finding inspiration and connection through a life so enriched by music. It is available as a video, podcast, and I am publishing the transcripts to my blog, all linked.

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