1. Jack Everly: Stories from Broadway, Film Music and More (re-release) Leah Roseman 53:40

This week I’m highlighting an episode from the archive: the charming and engaging Jack Everly, who is well-known to audiences throughout the United States and Canada for his Symphonic Pops programs and storytelling. We recorded this in 2021 when concerts had been mostly shut down for a year. It was so much fun having this opportunity to sit down and speak in depth with Jack. We had a lively exchange discussing his varied and distinguished career on Broadway, for the American Ballet Theatre, the challenges of syncing a live orchestra with the music of great films, and so much more. The video and transcript are linked here: https://www.leahroseman.com/episodes/e16-s1-jack-everly-conductor

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I hope you enjoyed this episode! There’s such a fascinating variety to a life in music; and this series features wonderful musicians worldwide with in-depth conversations and great music, with over 100 episodes to explore. Many episodes feature guests playing music spontaneously as part of the episode or sharing performances and albums. I hope that the inspiration and connection  found in a meaningful creative life, the challenges  faced, and the stories from such a diversity of artists will draw you into this weekly series, with many topics that will resonate with all listeners. Please share your favourite episodes with your friends,  and do consider supporting this independant podcast. Have a great week!

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I am a violinist and podcaster. This interview series features a really interesting mix of musicians, talking about their lives and careers, with perspectives on overcoming challenges, and finding inspiration and connection through a life so enriched by music. It is available as a video, podcast, and I am publishing the transcripts to my blog, all linked.