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  1. From Prohibition to Reform: A Deep Dive into Cannabis Policy with Morgan Fox 34:25

Unearth the profound layers of cannabis policy reform with a veteran reformer, Morgan Fox of NORML, guiding us through the vast landscape of change that has occurred since 2008. Witness how racial and economic disparities in cannabis prohibition enforcement ignited an enduring advocacy movement and learn the strategic game of engaging with congressional staffers on Capitol Hill. This journey underlines the potency of steady, pragmatic steps in transforming policy, presenting you with a fresh perspective on the evolution of this reform over the past 15 years.

As we traverse further, the conversation veers towards the blossoming CBD market and the often-overlooked environmental benefits of hemp-based products. Get a grasp on the growth of the unregulated intoxicating cannabinoids market, and understand the potential of hemp as a formidable substitute for petroleum-based plastics. We delve into the dire need for public education and streamlined regulations for hemp products. 

Finally, we touch upon the pivotal role of citizen-led activism in spurring cannabis policy reform, highlighting the synergy needed between public will and political action to shape a more equitable and sustainable future. This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in the intricate world of cannabis policy reform.

Guest Bio: Morgan Fox: Morgan Fox is the Political Director at NORML, focusing on congressional lobbying and changing federal cannabis laws. As a professional cannabis policy reform advocate since 2008, Morgan has been directly involved in dozens of successful state ballot initiative campaigns to establish medical and adult-use cannabis programs, as well as legislative victories at the local, state, and federal levels. He has been featured in hundreds of print, radio, television, and online publications. Morgan was most recently the Media Relations Director and chief spokesperson for the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) before joining NORML, and spent nearly a decade at the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) prior to that. He lives in Washington, DC, and when he’s not working to end prohibition and repair the damage it has caused, he can usually be found exploring the numerous parks and playgrounds of our nation’s capital with his children.

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