1. Using Educational TV to Build Self-Esteem, Self-Reliance & Healthy Habits Jennifer Furlong 1:07:59

Jennifer Furlong interviews Rachel Rainbows of Razor Productions. Rachel has been creating materials and messaging for high-profile clients and brands for over 20 years. She and her team are now turning their talents towards inspiring and supporting children (and inner children!) to build self-esteem, self-reliance, and healthy habits through story and song in her new educational children's television show, The PossibiliTree.

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www.rachelrainbows.com, You can support the development and creation of Your Fairy Guidemother's PossibiliTree by checking out her Kickstarter campaign, full of fun and useful content clips and ways to be engaged with our mission to make health and wellness COOL.

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Jennifer Furlong Author | Podcaster | Speaker | Communication Ace

Jennifer Arvin Furlong (aka Jen) is a communication and media specialist who has kept one foot on the professional side of the industry for three decades and the other foot on the academic side teaching communication and public speaking for almost two of those decades. She is an author, speaker, media literacy advocate, and Marine Corps veteran. Nowadays she stays busy as the Communications Director for Ad Fontes Media, as Board President for Media Literacy Now, as a speaker coach for TEDxSavannah, and as the host of the Communication TwentyFourSeven podcast, “where we communicate about how we communicate.”