1. Episode 16 – Commodity Markets with Noah Healy Matthew Dowling 43:37

Thursday on Commonalities, host Matt Dowling talks with Noah Healy, Founder at Coordisc, about commodity markets and pricing.

Noah loves to combine mathematics with technology to produce game-changing solutions. Early in his career, he used computational mathematics and software development capabilities to develop automations that boosted internal productivity, drove client efficiencies, and improved regulatory compliance.

Most recently Noah founded Coordisc and developed CDM, a technology product that has the potential to completely reorder the global financial system. CDM establishes a better exchange market for commodities by conducting all trades at market-clearing prices with radically improved price discovery, lower total cost of transactions and the elimination hedging needs. Only a fraction of current trade-flow can get this product off the ground and prove its power. From there, CDM can be scaled rapidly.

While this topic may be out-of-the box for our show, the topic has the ability to make extensive and powerful changes to our markets and by extension our personal finances.

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