1. Co-creating Peace Episode #94, “Uniting Fractured Communities Through Dialogue, Part 2 – Discovering Deeper Connections With Dialogue” Kathleen Oweegon 28:37

Learn more about the power of dialogue in “Uniting Fractured Communities Through Dialogue, Part 2 – Discovering Deeper Connections With Dialogue”.

Recently, I was interviewed by Duncan for The Omni-Win Project podcast. We discussed topics related to with dialogue & exploring ways that we can see past our differences – in fact, embrace them – to nurture democracy, co-create peace & co-create a world where different ways of being & different perspectives are embraced, celebrated, and utilized to co-create better tomorrows than our yesterdays have been.

The Omni-Win Project podcast is 1 hour long, so I am airing this conversation in 2 parts over two podcast episodes. Last week, in Part 1, Duncan & I discussed facilitated dialogues between law enforcement & various community members, including activists. Today, in Part 2, we discuss other, more informal types of dialogue & the importance of learning another person’s truths, and the wisdom, insights & shared humanity that often can only be discovered when we look beneath the surface.

Positive paradigm shifts happen when we expand our awareness, explore new understandings & embrace the glorious diversity of humanity. All this can happen through dialogue. This, my friends, is your invitation to join in the conversation.

If you’d like to learn more about dialogue, participate in dialogue events, or host a dialogue in your home, here are a few great resources for that:

You can also view the full 1-hour interview on YouTube.

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Kathleen Oweegon is the founder of Bridges of Peace with offices in Oregon and New Mexico. She also serves on the Board of Directors of International Institute for Global Leadership.

Kathleen has been a educator in communication and leadership skills for over 40 years, working with institutions and in the private sector. She has received over 250 hours of training in conflict resolution and related skills, and has created, co-designed and delivered many trainings in mindfulness, leadership, mediation, facilitation and conflict-free communication.