1. Co-creating Peace Episode #78 – “Teaching Leaders Peaceful Coexistence” Kathleen Oweegon 34:45

Welcome to “Teaching Leaders Peaceful Coexistence”, Episode #78 of Co-creating Peace, a podcast series about conscious communication and conflict transformation.  

It is becoming more and more evident today’s world that peaceful co-existence with nature and with our fellow human beings is vital to the survival of our planet and the evolution of our humanity. Fortunately, there are many people who are dedicated to peaceful co-existence, and there are many tools and resources to help us accomplish that. The University for Peace, also known as UPeace, is one of the best resources to gain the tools needed to become a peacemaker and to learn many of the skill needed to help bring about peaceful co-existence for our specie and for the planet. Today, I have the pleasure of speaking with Julia Delafield from the Centre for Executive Education at UPeace. 

Julia Delafield is Director of the Centre for Executive Education within the University for Peace, established by the General Assembly of the United Nations. With a dual master’s degree in International Relations and Natural Resources and Sustainable Development from American University and the University for Peace, Julia spent the first half of her career working with environmental nonprofits in Latin America and growing a steady interest in the social enterprise space. At UPEACE, she has moved on to helping to provide structured training for social entrepreneurs around the globe.
To learn more about the University for Peace and the Gross Global Happiness Summit, visit: https://upeace.org.
To learn more about the Centre for Executive Education, visit: https://centre.upeace.org  

Kathleen Oweegon is the founder of Bridges of Peace with offices in Oregon and New Mexico. She also serves on the Board of Directors of International Institute for Global Leadership.

Kathleen has been a educator in communication and leadership skills for over 40 years, working with institutions and in the private sector. She has received over 250 hours of training in conflict resolution and related skills, and has created, co-designed and delivered many trainings in mindfulness, leadership, mediation, facilitation and conflict-free communication.