1. Co-creating Peace Episode #77 – “Boundaries Create the Shape of You” Kathleen Oweegon 37:09

Welcome to “Boundaries Create the Shape of You”, Episode #77 of Co-creating Peace, a podcast series about conscious communication and conflict transformation.  

In Episode #20 of this podcast, I spoke about the power of defining, articulating, and enforcing our boundaries as an important tool in conflict prevention. Last week, in Episode #76, “Honor Your Boundaries”, I shared the story of one of my listeners and her struggles with her boundaries.

Today, I have the pleasure of having Coach Lee Hopkins join me to share a very powerful boundaries framework that he has created, which he calls 3N Boundaries.

Coach Lee Hopkins (he/him/his) is a transgender man who helps people create lasting friendships. After struggling with loneliness most of his life, he's tried various ways to resolve it— including Moving across the US to find his tribe and fit in. He’s learned that the key to creating meaningful relationships is not “fitting in” or “finding your tribe”, it’s about attracting your vibe. 

When you go to Lee's website, you will find on the More Possibility page a free course called “Understanding Connections” and a free resource titled “10 Tips to Making Memorable Conversations” as well as many other insights, tools and resources. Just go to: https://www.patternsofpossibility.com/morepossibility

Kathleen Oweegon is the founder of Bridges of Peace with offices in Oregon and New Mexico. She also serves on the Board of Directors of International Institute for Global Leadership.

Kathleen has been a educator in communication and leadership skills for over 40 years, working with institutions and in the private sector. She has received over 250 hours of training in conflict resolution and related skills, and has created, co-designed and delivered many trainings in mindfulness, leadership, mediation, facilitation and conflict-free communication.