1. You Will Be Silent For My Interview with Peter Macon and Enjoy Tales From The Orville from Bortus Jeff Dwoskin 55:30

Creating a character under layers and layers of make-up that the audience can connect with on every emotional level is no small feat but Peter Macon makes it look effortless. 

Actor, Peter Macon is currently the second officer aboard The Orville the absolutely fantastic space dramedy by Seth MacFarlane. Peter portrays Moclan, Lt. Commander Bortus.

During my interview with Peter Macon we discuss:

  • Fan response to the show
  • The upside and downside of transforming into a character which has led to moments of not even being recognized by his co-stars
  • The process of transforming into Bortus
  • Peter’s passion for theater. Peter has performed in many plays including Othello, To Kill A Mockingbird, and Macbeth
  • Burritos as a weapon (sorry, no context here – you’ll have to listen)
  • The subtle art of sneaking concessions into a movie theater
  • Winning an Emmy while in grad school for HBO’s Animated Tales of the World
  • Voicing a character on Family Guy
  • Landing the role of Bortus
  • The genius of Seth MacFarlane
  • Dive into The Orville, specifically a few episodes including About A Girl, The Sanctuary, and Primal Urges

You will be silent and enjoy this incredible interview. A misstep will also entertain you in my thinking I could speak a word of the Moclan language. ja’loja!!! Live and learn! 

Our Guest, Peter Macon

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