1. Rocking out with Vernon Reid Jeff Dwoskin 46:59

Join us for an electrifying episode with rock legend Vernon Reid from Living Colour! Get ready to explore UFOs, the Multiverse, and the captivating world of AI.


My guest, Vernon Reid, and I discuss:

  • Get ready to rock with Vernon Reid, the living legend from Living Colour! Discover his London roots and how Brooklyn became his rock ‘n’ roll haven. Notting Hill fans, we’ve got a backstory treat for you too!
  • Hold onto your seats as we explore mind-bending topics like the Multiverse, The Flash, Ezra Miller, and the enigmatic Jonathan Majors! Prepare for an exhilarating ride through the realms of imagination and parallel dimensions.
  • UFOs, UAPs, and other airborne mysteries take center stage! Uncover thrilling theories about these unidentified flying objects that will leave you questioning what’s up there in the skies.
  • Brace yourself for an electrifying discussion on the AI-driven world we live in. We dare to delve into the spine-chilling aspects of emerging artificial intelligence, giving you a glimpse into the future you never knew you needed to know!
  • And much more!


You’re going to love my conversation with Vernon Reid


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