1. Reel Directing and Acting Lessons with Michelle Danner Jeff Dwoskin 43:29

Step into the extraordinary world of Michelle Danner, an award-winning director and renowned acting teacher. Discover her unparalleled insights as she breaks down acting styles, shares her philosophy, and shares stories working with industry legends like Paul Sorvino. Prepare to be inspired and empowered by her expertise.


My guest, Michelle Danner, and I discuss:

  • Discover Michelle Danner’s inspiring journey to becoming an award-winning director of captivating films like The Bandit Hound and Miranda’s Victim
  • Unveiling the early influences that shaped Michelle’s directorial career, including her father’s pioneering role in opening the first William Morris Agency in Paris
  • Join Michelle as she shares her unforgettable experiences working with the legendary Paul Sorvino
  • Dive into Michelle’s profound acting philosophy, her personal approach to studying acting, and her passion for teaching others
  • Explore the captivating world of acting styles as Michelle expertly breaks them down
  • Gain invaluable life advice from the iconic Chris Rock he imparted on Michelle
  • Experience a mesmerizing analysis of the critically acclaimed TV show, Succession, through Michelle’s unique lens
  • Develop your discerning eye for spotting Oscar-winning performances as Michelle reveals the secrets behind these extraordinary achievements
  • Journey into the fascinating process of creating an independent film, and uncover the relentless efforts required to showcase it at prestigious festivals and secure widespread distribution


You’re going to love my conversation with Michelle Danner


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