1. Love, Laughter, and Life Lessons with Joyce Bulifant Jeff Dwoskin 42:07

Get ready for a Hollywood tell-all like no other! Joyce Bulifant discusses her memoir, My Four Hollywood Husbands, which gives an inside look at the glamorous and tumultuous world of entertainment, from navigating her husbands’ addictions to her own successful career. With four marriages to actors and a director under her belt, including William Asher of “I Love Lucy” fame, Bulifant’s story is a testament to perseverance, love, and happy endings.

My guest, Joyce Bulifant, and I discuss:

  • Discover the fascinating life of Joyce Bulifant through her memoir “My Four Hollywood Husbands”.
  • Overcoming addiction and co-dependence: Joyce’s inspiring journey of recovery.
  • Joyce’s personal story of dealing with her own and her husband’s addiction to alcohol.
  • Remembering Helen Hayes: Joyce’s heartfelt tribute to her mother-in-law through her one-woman play.
  • Uncovering her dyslexia in her 40s: Joyce’s story of Resilience and perseverance.
  • The power of theater in teaching: Joyce advocates for theater as a teaching tool for children who don’t learn under traditional methods.
  • Collaborating with her son, John Asher: Discover the dynamic duo behind movies such as “Tooken” and “Weird Science”.
  • The unforgettable role in “Airplane!”: Joyce almost turned down the role of Jill Whelan’s mother but ended up playing a caring and comedic character.
  • The time Joyce almost killed Henry Fonda: The actress shares a hilarious anecdote about the beloved actor.
  • Starring in “Love Thy Neighbor”: Joyce’s role in the groundbreaking sitcom.
  • The missed opportunity of playing Carol Brady: Learn about Joyce’s experience auditioning for “The Brady Bunch” and the role that got away.
  • “Big John, Little John”: Joyce’s role in the beloved children’s TV series alongside Robbie Rist and Herb Edelman.
  • Playing Marie Slaughter in “The Mary Tyler Moore Show”: Joyce’s unforgettable role as Murry’s wife.
  • Memories of “The Mary Tyler Moore Show”: Joyce shares memories of her co-stars, including Betty White, Ed Asner, Valerie Harper, and Gavin MacLeod.
  • Playing Helen Hunt’s mother in “The Mary Tyler Moore Show”: The actress discusses her memorable role in the popular TV show.
  • Playing David Spade’s mom on “Just Shoot me”
  • and SO MUCH MORE!

You’re going to love my conversation with Joyce Bulifant

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About Joyce Bulifant’s memoir, My Four Hollywood Husbands: Joyce Bulifant has lived the “Hollywood life” for nearly seven decades, and through it, experienced what few outside the entertainment world can imagine. While following the path of her own successful career, Ms. Bulifant managed to navigate the choppy waters of her husbands’ alcoholism, codependency, and an extended family of four marriages. James MacArthur played Danno on Hawaii Five-0. Edward Mallory was Dr. Bill Horton on “Days of Our Lives.” William Asher was the famous director-writer-producer of “I Love Lucy,” “Bewitched” and the Beach Party movies. Roger Perry starred in “Star Trek” and over 300 TV shows and films. He has also composed music for Barbra Streisand and Bing Crosby. Along the way, Bulifant managed to command the spotlight for her own accomplishments. As Gavin MacLeod’s wife Marie on “The Mary Tyler More Show,” a concerned mother in the movie “Airplane,” dancing with Fred Astaire, and her reoccurring role on “The Match Game.” My Four Hollywood Husbands is a rare peek into what happens off the screen. It’s a story of love, a lasting love that is woven through the fabric of the world of entertainment. It’s also a story about perseverance and overcoming obstacles–and that happy endings are indeed possible.

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