1. Here's The Story: Lloyd J. Schwartz talks Brady Bunch and more Jeff Dwoskin 47:09

Meet the man responsible for rescuing the castaways after a 3-hour tour and who has brought the Brady Bunch to every generation.

Lloyd J. Schwartz has had an incredible life in Hollywood. Son of Sherwood Schwartz, Lloyd worked alongside his father and joined the Brady Bunch as a dialogue coach for the 6 Brady kids. Lloyd has been a part of the Brady legacy ever since. 

Lloyd has been a part of the Brady Bunch legacy since its inception and discusses how he helps to keep recreating the Bradys for every generation with new TV movies, revivals, and Hollywood movies. 

In addition to the Brady Bunch, we dive into the Gilligan’s Island reunion movies and Lloyd’s many plays he has written. 

Get ready for nostalgia overload with Lloyd J. Schwartz

Our Guest, Lloyd J. Schwartz

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