1. From Stage to Screen with Park Overall of Empty Nest Jeff Dwoskin 51:07

Join Park Overall on a mesmerizing journey through her entertainment career. Relive her memorable appearance on The Tonight Show with Robin Williams and Jonathan Winters, as she shares her favorite moments from the show and reveals her reasons for turning down Late Night with David Letterman. Follow her to New York, where she pursued her love for theater and secured a role in the stage play “Biloxi Blues.” Explore her venture into film in 1988 and her iconic portrayal of Nurse Laverne Todd on the sitcom Empty Nest. Finally, discover Park’s decision to leave the entertainment industry and her passionate dedication to environmental activism in Tennessee.

Recorded prior to the SAG-AFTRA strike.


My guest, Park Overall, and I discuss:

  • Park Overall’s appearance on The Tonight Show with Robin Williams and Jonathan Winters
  • Park shares her favorite memory from her time on The Tonight Show
  • The reason Park turned down an opportunity to appear on Late Night with David Letterman
  • Moving to New York and starring in off-off-Broadway and Broadway productions
  • Park discusses her passion for theater and landing a role in the stage play “Biloxi Blues”
  • Starring in the film adaptation of “Biloxi Blues”
  • 1988: the year of Park Overall – roles in “Biloxi Blues,” “Mississippi Burning,” “Talk Radio,” and “Vibes”
  • Portraying Nurse Laverne Todd on the sitcom “Empty Nest”
  • Park shares fond memories of her “Empty Nest” co-stars: Richard Mulligan, Dinah Manoff, David Leisure, and Kristy McNichol
  • Park Overall shares stories about the time Garth Brooks guested on Empty Nest
  • Park’s decision to step away from the entertainment industry
  • Park Overall’s activism and remarkable environmental efforts to protect Tennessee from unscrupulous corporations
  • And much more!



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