1. From Addict to Inspiration: Comedian Greg Baldwin's Impactful Journey Jeff Dwoskin 50:01

Experience Greg Baldwin’s awe-inspiring journey from addiction to inspiration. Prepare to be uplifted by his story of second chances and the transformative power of impacting lives.

My guest, Greg Baldwin, and I discuss:

  • Greg Baldwin’s journey from addiction, jail, and hopelessness to turning his life around and finding his true purpose
  • Three impactful quotes that guide Greg’s life:
  • “Everything good in my life has been the direct result of helping another human being.” – Danny Trejo
  • “I was Joe Manganiello’s meth coach for the movie Archenemy.”
  • “A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.” – Jackie Robinson
  • Greg Baldwin’s Second Chances Podcast: Interviews with both celebrities and ordinary individuals sharing their inspiring, heroic, and sometimes humorous stories of second chances in life
  • Greg’s inspirational story about how helping another led him to his ultimate destiny of becoming a stand-up comedian.
  • Greg’s close bond with his mentor and touring partner, Darryl Hammond
  • Entertaining anecdotes involving Jay Mohr, another renowned comedian whom Greg tours with
  • Fond reminiscences of the early days of comedy and the joy experienced of having your parents see you perform and grow as a comedian.
  • and much more!


You’re going to love my conversation with Greg Baldwin

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