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July 9th, 2023

Batman's Burt Ward Returns To The Batcave

  1. Batman's Burt Ward Returns To The Batcave Jeff Dwoskin 1:13:21


Calling all Batman enthusiasts! Join us as we peel back the layers of the iconic caped crusader’s world, immersing ourselves in the electrifying tales of Burt Ward’s larger-than-life adventures. From rescuing thousands of dogs to defying gravity in jaw-dropping fight scenes, we’ll explore the untold stories that shaped the timeless legend of Batman.


My guest, Burt Ward, and I discuss:

  • Burt Ward and his wife Tracey revolutionize pet care, saving over 15,500 dogs with their incredible nonprofit, Gentle Giants. Discover Burt and Tracey’s groundbreaking dog/cat food that extends pets’ lives beyond expectations!
  • From doggy transformations to life-changing advice: Dive into Burt’s return to the podcast (Listen to Burt’s first appearance on episode #50) and how his first visit transformed my bond with my dog, Lola.
  • The inside scoop on Adam West’s (and Burt’s?) mind-blowing CGI appearance in The Flash and the fascinating story behind its creation.
  • Hear the jaw-dropping tale of Burt Ward’s unexpected encounter with the hilarious Conan O’Brien.
  • Explore how Batman seized the opportunity to pioneer breathtaking visuals with emerging technology, making all 120 episodes an absolute feast for the eyes IN COLOR!
  • From flop to phenomenon: Unveil the sensational success story of Batman, rising from one of the poorest-rated pilots to a cultural sensation upon its CBS debut.
  • Delve into Burt’s perspective on Batman’s success, fueled by its playfully suggestive and uniquely entertaining style.
  • Discover Burt’s second near-brush with stardom in The Graduate, a role that ultimately landed in the hands of Dustin Hoffman.
  • Lifelong bonds and legendary friendships: Journey through Burt and Adam’s extraordinary 50-year connection that transcends the silver screen.
  • Unsung heroes of Gotham: Pay homage to Burt’s esteemed co-stars, including the indomitable Alfred (Alan Napier) and the delightful Aunt Harriet (Madge Blake).
  • Villainous legends unite: Unleash the rogues’ gallery as we explore the iconic villains of Batman, portrayed by the likes of Julie Newmar, Vincent Price, Shelly Winters, Victor Buono, and Ceaser Romero.
  • Brace yourself for thrilling tales of danger and daring as Burt reveals the hazards of performing Batman’s high-risk stunts.
  • Uncover cherished memories and fascinating stories from the set of the beloved Batman movie.
  • Holy controversy, Batman! Discover Burt’s battle against The Catholic League of Decency, who tried to keep his tights from stealing the show.
  • Dive into the legendary clash between Burt Ward and George Barris, the mastermind behind the iconic Batmobile.
  • Unlock the secret behind the thrilling wall-climbing scenes in Batman, revealed exclusively in this episode!
  • Tune in to Burt’s tales of recording songs with Frank Zappa, working with Rob Reiner, and so much more!


Holy Podcast Episode, that’s a lot

If you have a dog or cat – I use and love Gentle Giants Dog food – Burt is not a sponsor and not paying me to say this – I just love it. Links below.


You’re going to love my conversation with Burt Ward


Follow Jeff Dwoskin (host):


I'm a tech entrepreneur, podcaster, and professional stand-up comedian. I started my journey in the tech industry back in 1997 when I founded my own website development company, which was one of the pioneering companies in the country at the time. While working in technology, my comedic talents couldn't be contained, and I eventually took to the stage as a stand-up comedian.

My passion for comedy led me to create Hashtag Roundup (@hashtagroundup on Twitter), a platform that has contributed to over 8000 top 10 USA trends on Twitter. With the growth of social media, particularly Instagram, I founded Stampede Social, a company aimed at helping creators drive traffic to their content without relying solely on a link in their bio.

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