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The interview today is with Marilyn Sutherland a Relationship and Communication Coach. Marilyn  Sutherland, Author of “Why Did you Load The Dishwasher  Like That”? Marilyn  Sutherland discusses why a person would go to a Relationship and Communication Coach and what skills you will learn to become a better person! Marilyn also discusses Soul Care! What is Soul Care? Please listen to find out!
For more information: and contact: https://bit.ly/2Q6bV3w

Listen to this interview with Betsy Wurzel and Marilyn Sutherland on Relationships:   Click here to listen…:

Marilyn Sutherland’s  website is https://LoveLeadConnect.com

To connect on LinkedIn: https://linktr.ee/Coach

Marilyn’s book Why did you load the dishwasher like that? 9 Whopping Mistakes that Push Love Away is on Amazon.

Marilyn Sutherland is launching a membership program called Relationship School for women so we can finally learn the relationship and communication skills we should have learned in school.  It’s only $49/mo and it’s for 6 months at a time – so people have enough support to make changes and have the transformation in their relationships.  Marily also offers a 90-minute Healthy Relationship Self-Assessment so people get clear what is blocking them in the personal and business relationships

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