1. The Common Thread Between Caregivers Passionate World Talk Radio 34:13

Betsy Wurzel’s guest today is Robert Sharpe who is an Author, Talk Show Host, Producer of the Bringing Inspiration to Earth Show, and photographer.  

Robert Sharpe self-published his book, The Heart and Soul of Caring which has 11 different caregivers who write about their caregiving experiences. Robert and Betsy discuss how important it is for caregivers to share their experiences to help others. They discussed the common thread with Caregivers was showing unconditional love and knowing a deep soul connection with the loved ones. Robert discussed Self-Care, legal matters which are mentioned in the book.
Robert also discusses his talk show, “Bringing Inspiration to Earth” Also, Robert shares how he became a talk show host! The show can be heard on the website. To find out more information about  Robert Sharpe, we are providing the website: http://biteradio.me/

For additional information, I recommend that you use this URL:https://bit.ly/3LiFUfo
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