1. Passionate Caregivers Create Passionate Futures Passionate World Talk Radio 41:31

Betsy was joined by Traci Lamb, a Caregiver who is very passionate about what she does. Traci has her own podcast titled Traci Knows Caregiving and is both the founder and CEO of Smart Caregiving, LLC. She holds many accolades such as being listed in the top 100 healthcare visionaries and receiving the International Federation for Healthcare Advancement Award in 2021 and 2022.

Smart Caregiving LLC is a referral company for the federal government that works to make caregiving easier by providing resources and referrals for the caregivers specific to where their patient is located. Traci discusses the challenges in starting her company, what her company provides, how acting as a Caregiver for her parents changed her perspective, and what to expect from Smart Caregiving LLC in the future.

For more information and contact: https://bit.ly/3PeoLpe

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