1. Memory Matters with Tips and Tricks Passionate World Talk Radio 47:44

Rena Yudkowsky, Professional Memory Coach and Geriatric Social Worker and the Founder and CEO of “Memory Matters” and the Creator of Memory Matters -Tips & Tricks for Mid-Lifers and Seniors on Facebook. Rena is the Director of Development at a Senior Enrichment Program in Israel, a trainer for dementia caregivers, a Facilitator of support groups, and an international lecturer on aging topics.

Rena discusses her background, her online memory courses, when it is time to be concerned about memory problems, how multitasking is not beneficial for our brains, and her passion to help people improve their memory! Rena gave tips on how you can remember a person’s name which Betsy personally thought was excellent and will be following those tips! Also discussed how aging is perceived in Israel where Rena lives and how technology is helping caregivers and those who are having memory issues.

These are valuable tools we are providing for all caregivers.
We always suggest consulting with your Primary Care Physician about any memory concerns!

For more information: Memory Matters with Tips and Tricks

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