1. How She Overcame Heart Attack and 5 Strokes Passionate World Talk Radio 39:10

Today’s guest is Judy Balloff Author of” 365 DAYS of Abundance “. How to create a life of Wealth, Wisdom, and Inspiration through the 12 Universal Laws, the Principles of Success, and His Divine Word.

Judy has had several careers and is now doing her favorite career being an Author, Speaker, and Teacher!  Judy discusses how successful her career in the business world was going until she had to have heart surgery, had 5 strokes, and had to relearn how to do many things.  Judy was told her “complex thinking ” was gone! Judy does discuss recovery and how she could make a difference to others.  Judy felt inspired to write a book about how people can have an abundant life by applying a positive attitude with the help of the 12 Universal Laws and a spiritual relationship with GOD or whatever you believe your higher power is!

Judy blends Napoleon Hill’s Principles of Success and Wealth with the Bible for the 12 Universal Laws! Judy discusses with Betsy when we are in alignment with who we are meant to be that makes for an abundant life. They discussed how negativity weighs you down and prevents you from having an abundant life!

Betsy Wurzel Host of Chatting with Betsy

Chatting with Betsy is about providing people with resources to help them live a better life and to know they are not alone. I interviewed and do interview a variety of guests from all walks of life! I can chat with anyone about any topic! I would like listeners to know about resources that I wish I knew about when I was care giving for my husband!