1. How important it is to take care of ourselves Passionate World Talk Radio 46:37

Today’s guest is Bob Delaney Author and Writer of several books, a former New Jersey State Trooper who worked undercover in the 70s to infiltrate the Mafia, an NBA Referee, a Global Speaker, and an Advocate for Post Traumatic Stress Awareness. Bob Delaney discusses his new book, “HEROES are Human”. Lessons in Resilience, Courage, and Wisdom From the COVID Front Lines. Bob Delaney discusses how he had post-traumatic stress from his job as an N.J. State Trooper, and how Bob went for counseling and training at Harvard Global Mental Health Program.

Bob interviewed several people who were on the front lines during Covid and how their mental health was deeply affected by what they experienced. Bob discusses how we must have these conversations to help each other, how important it is to take care of ourselves, and operational stress, and Bob discusses how important it is to have “confrontations” and to take care of your “Mind Health”. Bob Delaney works with military veterans and also travels around the world visiting veterans. Also, Bob Delaney has received many different awards for his amazing work! One award is President Barack Obama’s Volunteer Service Award for his post-traumatic stress education work with the military!

Betsy indicates that this is a must-read book to have in your library and to give as a gift to someone to help them especially a nurse, doctor, military veteran, first responder, and Caregiver! In Betsy’s opinion, this book is very informative, powerful, and helpful! “HEROES ARE human helped her realize that she needed more help dealing with her Caregiver’s PTSD! Betsy highly recommends going to Bob Delaney’s website to learn more details about Bob Delaney and his awesome book! You can also order an autographed book on the website and find out how you can get involved in helping others!

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