1. From Teen Challenge Rehab to Real Estate Pro Passionate World Talk Radio 46:54

Today’s guest is London Richards whom Betsy met through Facebook. When Betsy saw London’s Facebook stories she knew London had a phenomenal story to share with her audience.

London Richards went from Teen Challenge Rehab to Real Estate Pro! In this hearttouching interview, London Richards discussed that his dad worked for Teen Challenge Rehab for 30 years and London was brought up in a Christian home. London discussed his many challenges such as having learning disabilities, ADHD, low self-esteem, feeling angry about how he felt about himself and his situation, getting into trouble with the law, battling drug and alcohol addiction, and even selling Fentanyl!

London discussed going through rehab many times and hitting rock bottom when he realized he was addicted to Fentanyl! London discusses how his faith sustained him through drug withdrawal, we discussed how we are all a” muddy mess”, and how GOD gives us the strength to get through our challenges. London works in the acquisition part of real estate.

Betsy was very moved by London Richards’s Story of how he turned his life around.

For more information: From Teen Challenge Rehab to Real Estate Pro

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