1. Could Reverse Mortgages be a Trap Passionate World Talk Radio 33:47

Betsy Wurzel, Host of Chatting with Betsy guest today is Advocate and Consultant Sue Fernandez on Scams. We really do suggest that you have a paper and pencil for this interview with Sue Fernandez.

What information is necessary for Caregivers to know when taking on the role as the Caregiver? Should you have a Caregivers Agreement? Another question is there a Power of Attorney in place? There are more questions that a Caregiver needs to know. Also, Sue speaks about Veterans, to speak with your local Veterans office for assistance on Benefits. She speaks about a book “47 Secret Veterans Benefits for Seniors. The information to purchase will be in this blog.
Sue Fernandez speaks about a possible Senior Scam “Reverse Mortgage” how you must understand the rules on obtaining a reverse mortgage. There are many hidden rules such as, you must upkeep the property or there will be issues for you. We are providing contact information on the reverse mortgage information from the California Advocate for Nursing Home Reforms.
For more contact information: :https://bit.ly/3chOcUA
Hope all is going well for you with the Pandemic. How are you handling it?
Jeanne White, Station Manager, Passionate World Talk Radio

Betsy Wurzel Host of Chatting with Betsy

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