1. Awareness to the Journey of the Alzheimers Families Passionate World Talk Radio 42:03

September Awarness Month 2022 with Betsy Wurzel and Daisy Vest
Today’s guest is  Daisy Vest, an artist at Days Eye Art, A Caregiver for her mom, Purple Angel Ambassador, and a Dementia Awareness Advocate!  Daisy discusses her advocacy work for World Alzheimer’s Awareness Month which is in September.

Daisy designs posters, and poems and shows pictures of caregivers and their loved ones and those who have Dementia! Daisy and Betsy discuss how important it is to share our stories and learn from each other!  They both discussed how important it is to personalize this disease with names and faces!

Daisy Vest promotes Dementia  Awareness on TikTok!  If you don’t have TikTok you can go to Daisy Vest’s Facebook Page or Days Eye Art’s Facebook Page to see the videos!
Both Betsy and Daisy also discussed how important education is to know your loved one’s diagnosis and to be prepared for changes that can happen with Alzheimer’s or any dementia. For more information.

Betsy Wurzel Host of Chatting with Betsy

Chatting with Betsy is about providing people with resources to help them live a better life and to know they are not alone. I interviewed and do interview a variety of guests from all walks of life! I can chat with anyone about any topic! I would like listeners to know about resources that I wish I knew about when I was care giving for my husband!