1. after falling down 15 feet of stairs Passionate World Talk Radio 45:56

Today’s guest is Kristen Thomasino, Author, Writer, Serial Entrepreneur, Data Scientist, Founder, and CEO of Thomasino Media, LLC and BuddyTown, LLC. Kristen has multiple publications on Amazon.In this interview, Kristen Thomasino discusses how she had migraines in her teens, and how she overcame severe fibromyalgia, Autoimmune disease markers, and full-body weakness after falling down 15 feet of stairs!

Kristen discusses how she went to several different doctors for help and finally had a team to help her recover and the hard work and determination to get her body healthy! Kristen experienced brain fog, had weight gain, and found healthy ways to eat nutritional foods! Kristen Thomasino has an inspiring story.

Betsy Wurzel Host of Chatting with Betsy

Chatting with Betsy is about providing people with resources to help them live a better life and to know they are not alone. I interviewed and do interview a variety of guests from all walks of life! I can chat with anyone about any topic! I would like listeners to know about resources that I wish I knew about when I was care giving for my husband!