1. FULFILLMENT MATTERS to Bobby Umar Tony Chapman 15:37

Learn from one of the best on how to create your personal brand, and then let the world know.

Why should you listen to this episode? Sometimes for a moment, and other times for what seems like a lifetime, most of us have been unfulfilled and searching for change. Bobby Umar,  decided to change his life, and his process for doing so can be applied to others searching for Fulfillment.

Bobby’s choice was to become a motivational speaker. Today Bobby’s social influence is over 500,000. A 5 times Ted X speaker, Inc. Magazine Top 100 Leadership Speaker, Best Selling Author, and a leading expert on personal branding, networking, and social and digital marketing.

Learn from Bobby Umar. One of the best to create your personal brand, and then let the world know.


Bobby Umar’s links:

Speaker website: www.raeallan.com
Startup: www.dypb.ca
Clubhouse: @raehanbobby

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Tony Chapman hosts the popular radio show and podcast "Chatter that Matters." Each week, Tony shares a story of someone who has overcome circumstances to chase their dreams and change their world and ours for the better. Tony's guests have included Nobel Peace Prize Nominees, Time Magazine's Hero of the Planet, National Geographic Explorer of the Year, Grammy, Emmy and Tony Award Winners, Gold Medalists, NY Times Best Selling Authors, Leaders from all Walks of Life, Warriors for Humanity and people you have never heard of, but their stories need to be shared.

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