1. Why 90% of Performance Reviews Destroy Performance! (Birgit Kamps, Board Member, Advisor, Podcast Host) - 5 min Birgit Kamps 5:08

Discover the top two reasons why 90% of performance reviews destroy performance, especially since the pandemic! (5 minutes).


Birgit Kamps was speaking 5 languages by the age of 10, and lived in 5 countries with her Dutch parents, prior to becoming an American citizen. This laid the foundation for her ability to quickly understand a company’s culture, read people, and identify leadership blind spots.

Upon graduating from the University of Houston Bauer School of Business, Birgit worked and was promoted several times in both public and private companies for her ability to quickly engage people in working together to attain desired results.

A decade later, she decided to start her own company. Applying her own formula to successfully hire and develop a very high performing team, she grew her firm, HireSynergy, to an Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Private Company and a Best Company to Work for in Texas.

During that time, Birgit was appointed as a Board Member of the Gulf Coast Workforce Commission where she served for three terms,  including as the Chair of  the Education Committee.

After successfully building HireSynergy, Birgit sold the company to a national Employment firm and then spent the next year raising her young daughter and planning her next venture. Hire Universe was the result – a leadership consulting practice that brings a unique brand of advice to venture capital and private equity firms and supports high-performing enterprises in achieving their mission.

She is currently serving as a Board Member for a select number of companies.

Birgit is often referred to by her clients as the “Human X-Ray Machine” for her ability to quickly identify hiring blind spots, prevent costly hiring mistakes, and provide effective guidance for performance and conflict resolution issues. By supporting clients in discovering leadership blind spots, Birgit accelerates their company’s success, and they find that they can also enjoy a higher quality of life.

She applies the same principles as a Board member, focusing on empowering the Board and the company’s executives to collaborate in a way that provides meaningful and effective performance feedback, while optimizing their partnership and desired outcomes.

Birgit is also the creator of the “CEO Blindspots” podcast, where 100+ leaders have shared their best practices and blind spots with other executives via 15-minute podcast episodes. Spotify acknowledged CEO Blindspots in 2020 for having the “biggest listener growth in the USA” (733%), and for having “listeners in 11 countries.” www.ceoblindspots.com

Ask me your leadership questions via ceoblindspots@gmail.com

Birgit Kamps CEO Blindspots Podcast

Birgit was speaking five languages by the age of 10, and lived in five countries with her Dutch parents prior to becoming an American citizen. Birgit’s professional experience includes starting and selling an “Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Private Company” and a “Best Company to Work for in Texas”, and serving as a Board Member with various companies. In addition, Birgit is the President of Hire Universe LLC, and the host of the CEO Blindspots® Podcast which was recognized by Spotify for having the “biggest listener growth” in the USA by 733%; https://www.ceoblindspots.com/