1. In Crisis? Explore AI ! (Daniel Faggella, CEO of Emerj and an Inc. 5000 Co) - 16 min Birgit Kamps 16:27

Discover how Daniel Faggella (Founder and CEO of Emerj, and 2 other firms he successfully sold which included an Inc.5000 co) realized he had a blind spot, and why his Black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu allowed him to pay for a grad school that developed his interest in artificial intelligence (16 minutes).

CEO BLINDSPOTS PODCAST GUEST: Daniel Faggella. He is the founder and current CEO Emerj Artificial Intelligence Research, which is the 3rd company he has started. Previously, Daniel started and successfully sold 2 other companies – 1 of which became an Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Private Company. In addition, Daniel is a Black belt and was a national champion in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Emerj Artificial Intelligence Research, is a company that focuses on mapping what’s possible and what’s working in artificial intelligence to help leaders develop winning AI strategies. For information about “The Three Kinds of AI ROI”, visit https://emerj.com/ai-executive-guides/ai-roi-emerj-trinity/

Daniel is also the host of 3 podcasts about artificial intelligence (“AI in Business”, “AI Consulting”, and “AI in Financial Services” podcasts), and he is called upon by organizations like the World Bank, the United Nations (https://emerj.com/emerj-team-updates/emerj-deep-fakes-united-nations/), as well as global pharmaceutical and banking companies (https://emerj.com/emerj-team-updates/harvard-artificial-intelligence-banking-finance/), for his AI expertise. Daniel’s research is referenced in Harvard Business Review, the World Economic Forum, MIT Technology Review, and more.

For more information about Daniel Faggella, his AI related podcasts, and Emerj, please visit emerj.com

CEO BLINDSPOTS HOST: Birgit Kamps. She started and sold HireSynergy LLC (an “Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Private Company” and a “Best Company to Work for in Texas”), held 3 terms as a Board Member of the Gulf Coast Workforce Commission, was the Chair of the Gulf Coast Workforce Education Committee, and is currently the CEO of Hire Universe LLC. In addition, Birgit is the host of the “CEO Blindspots” podcast which was recognized in 2020 by Spotify for having the “biggest listener growth” in the USA (by 733%), and having listeners in 11 countries; https://ceoblindspots.com/

Birgit Kamps CEO Blindspots Podcast

Birgit was speaking five languages by the age of 10, and lived in five countries with her Dutch parents prior to becoming an American citizen. Birgit’s professional experience includes starting and selling an “Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Private Company” and a “Best Company to Work for in Texas”, and serving as a Board Member with various companies. In addition, Birgit is the President of Hire Universe LLC, and the host of the CEO Blindspots® Podcast which was recognized by Spotify for having the “biggest listener growth” in the USA by 733%; https://www.ceoblindspots.com/