1. AIGO.AI, Founder and CEO Peter Voss: "Use a Chatbot with a Brain" (12 min) Birgit Kamps 12:20

Discover when Peter Voss (Founder and CEO of AIGO.AI) decided to create a “Chatbot with a Brain”, why he was able to lead a team of 400 people, and how he discovered his leadership blind spot (12 minute episode).

CEO BLINDSPOTS® PODCAST GUEST: Peter Voss. He is the Founder, CEO, and Chief Scientist of AIGO.AI, an AGI-based Cognitive AI company with the world’s first and only Chatbot with a Brain. Aigo AI is used by enterprise customers to deliver hyper-personalized experiences for their customers and employees. Aigo AI is at the forefront of the trend where ‘Conversational AI is the new UI’.

Peter started out in electronics engineering, but quickly moved into software. After developing a comprehensive ERP software package, Peter took his first software company from a zero to 400-person IPO in seven years.

Fueled by the fragile nature of software, Peter embarked on a 20-year journey to study intelligence (how it develops in humans, how to measure it, and current AI efforts), and to replicate it in software. His research culminated in the creation of a natural language intelligence engine that can think, learn, and reason — and adapt to, and grow with the user. He even coined the term ‘AGI’(Artificial General Intelligence) with fellow luminaries in the space.

Peter is a Serial Entrepreneur, Engineer, Inventor and a Pioneer in Artificial Intelligence.

For more information about Peter Voss and his company AIGO.ai; https://aigo.ai/how-it-works/

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