1. #152: How to Make Your First TEDx Talk a Hit Park Howell, Brand Story Strategist 1:04:45

Jen Dille wears many hats, she is a mom of four and project manager for Sure Spark Marketing. But one of her more recent hats that she has picked up in her “spare” time is that of the licensee and co-organizer of TEDxGilbert alongside her daughter, Mara. 

Maybe you haven’t even heard of TEDx, so allow me to explain –TEDx is a local TED talk event that is put on independently by a member of the community. Just this past March, Jen put on the first ever TEDxGilbert event here in Phoenix.

Sounds easy right? Well it’s actually no easy task. There’s more to it than just booking a venue and selling a few tickets. From finding speakers to getting permits, it is easy to feel like you’re drowning. And no one knows that feeling better than Jen Dille.

In today’s episode, Jen shares with us what really goes into putting on a TEDx event. And I share what went into delivering my first talk at the TedxGilbert event and all of the trials and tribulations of making both of them a hit.

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