1. #146: How Krispy Kreme Delights its Fans Through Digital Storytelling Park Howell, Brand Story Strategist 51:14

In 2011, Kelley O’Brien made an ironic transition: she left her career at a health agency to work for one of America’s favorite guilty pleasures: Krispy Kreme.

That’s because Kelly, the former Director of Social Media at Krispy Kreme, is all about bringing joy to her customers, whether through an inventive community health center promotion, or planting a donut Easter egg in your Instagram feed. 

Any business can hop on Instagram and post a photo of their product in hopes of reaching a customer. But it’s through storytelling that you give the customer something to really connect with, beyond just that photo.

My mom always said, “Everything in moderation.” But when it comes to a brand’s digital storytelling, believe me, there is no moderation to be found.

On this week’s episode, Kelley shows you how the doughnut giant uses entertaining digital storytelling to connect with 11 million people through branded social media channels to live out the brand’s mission of bringing joy to fans. 

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