1. #130: How to Find the Value in Your Purpose-Driven Brand Story Park Howell, Brand Story Strategist 1:08:09

Businesses are quickly realizing the power of brand story marketing. When you have an authentic story with values your customers can relate to, your prospects of success skyrocket.

But for many, crafting a story may seem like a difficult task. What do you focus on? Where do you begin? These questions are more common than you think, and to help you clarify your business’ purpose and find your story, we will demonstrate our Story Cycle System for you.

George Grombacher, Phoenix entrepreneur, financial advisor and host of the Money Savage Podcast, is here to find his brand purpose for his new business, Money Peace University.

George’s goal is to help companies and their employees find peace of mind in regards to their finances. We’ve given him our DIY Guide to Craft And Tell Compelling Brand Stories That Sell workbook, and I guide him through the steps of the proven 10-step process to clarify his purpose and brand story. You can do the same as you follow along and apply my guidance to George to your story. 

Become a Master Storyteller

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