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Dr. Dan McMillan founded and leads Save Democracy in America, a non-partisan campaign to get big money out politics. He earned a Ph.D. in German history from Columbia and a law degree from Fordham. He has taught college-level history and prosecuted criminal cases for the Brooklyn DA’s office. In 2014 Dan published an acclaimed book for the general public about why the Holocaust happened. After several years researching a book about money in politics, Dan decided that direct political action was more urgently needed and launched his campaign for voter-owned elections. A dedicated rock climber in his youth, Dan has made three ascents of El Capitan in Yosemite Valley – the highest rock wall in North America.

About our interview she says viewers will learn: Big money in politics hurts our country far more than most people think. Money paralyzes our government with interest group gridlock – our representatives in DC owe too many favors to too many campaign donors. The money pits Americans against each other in a game of divide and conquer. It has destroyed our faith in the system and in each other. But we can fight back – with voter-owned elections, an innovative reform gaining support among Republicans and Democrats coast to coast. Dan McMillan explains how we will win this fight.

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