1. Strategy, Leadership, and Results from SMASH Marketing and Sales Summit 2023 Lucas McCurdy and Joshua Crisp 15:56

SMASH 2023 hosted great thought leaders in our industry and we’re excited to release a recap highlighting SMASH Founder Bailey Beeken, LCS Chief Marketing Officer Rick Westermann and Senior Director of Business Insights and Analytics Joel Rosenberg, and Marketing Consultant Lola Rain as they discuss the importance of strategy, leadership, and data-driven results.

This episode was recorded at SMASH Sales and Marketing Summit 2023.

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Meet the Hosts:

Lucas McCurdy, @SeniorLivingFan Owner, The Bridge Group Construction; Senior Living Construction Renovation, CapEx, and Reposition. 

Joshua Crisp, Founder and CEO, Solinity; Senior Living Development, Management, Marketing and Consulting.

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