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The Dune Jewelry Brand Story

Our small business celebrates your memories by capturing them in tangible reminders that will last a lifetime. We handcraft jewelry and accessories using sand & earth elements from thousands of iconic locations around the globe. We love a life well-traveled and encourage wanderlust in each and every one of you. The destinations in our Sandbank reach far and wide – from childhood beach homes to golf courses, hiking trails, vacation spots, and more.

My journey began in 2007, when the inspiration for Dune Jewelry took shape at my kitchen table. I began capturing beach memories in the form of unique, sand filled jewelry designs that I made for family & friends. Inspiration became a passion, and my passion became a business. Since launching Dune Jewelry in 2010, we have grown from a one-woman, kitchen table business to a diverse jewelry manufacturing company with thousands of the coolest customers around the world.

Our entire business is about capturing cherished memories and encouraging wanderlust by personalizing demi-fine, experiential jewelry with sand & earth elements from thousands of locations around the world. The destinations in our Sandbank reach far and wide. They all have a special meaning attached to them such as sand from a childhood beach house, an exciting life milestone, the destination of a family reunion, your favorite vacation spot or maybe somewhere you hope to visit someday.

We receive incredible “sand” stories from our community members every day that describe their sentimental attachment to specific locales, and the memories that they have made throughout their lifetime. Every story leads to our Sandbank and we’re thankful to be able to create tangible reminders of these stories that our customers can hold on to forever.

We have a very talented team of Sand Artists and packaging specialists here in our Boston studio who carefully handcraft every design with the utmost care. For our team, Dune is more than a job – it’s their contribution to your journey and they love to celebrate each moment right alongside you.







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