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Dr. Christopher Gilbert, author of the award-winning, best-selling The Noble Edge: Reclaiming and Ethical World One Choice at a Time, is a senior international ethics consultant and popular keynote speaker. He has worked on ethics and human capacity development programs with Fortune 500, government, and non-profit organizations, including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Christopher has been a contributing author to CNBC, Fox News, Entrepreneur, CEO World, Thrive Global, Elephant Journal, Quartz, and Successful Business News. He has also been a featured guest on worldwide Podcasts and nationally syndicated radio and television programs.

Book description:
“Being trusted is the foundation of our greatest personal freedoms” -Gilbert
In a time of deepening divisions and “alternative facts”, trust and authenticity grow more precious by the minute. More people seek the truth and find themselves driven to overcome the personal, professional and social pressures for ignoring what is right in favor of what passes for ‘success’. They want honesty from others, authenticity in their relationships, and solid ground for making tough, ethical choices.

The Noble Edge: Reclaiming an Ethical World One Choice at a Time provides these answers as Dr. Christopher Gilbert invites readers into an inspirational conversation spiced with personal stories, humorous anecdotes, and invaluable guidance about making consistently good choices. Based on three research-proven steps and nine principles for leading an ethically driven life,

The Noble Edge brings a fresh approach to personal growth and inspires real change to empower a brighter future.

As useful in the board room as the family room, this easy-to-read book contains insightful stories and a powerful model that sharpens the ethical lens and empowers readers to examine their own standards and values by applying transformational concepts to their life. Most importantly, readers finish The Noble Edge encouraged that they have the power and capacities – individually and collectively – to achieve moral progress and bring better ethics into their organizations, families, communities, and a world starved for truth and trust.

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