1. Rob Bergeron: Embrace the Full Benefit David McIlwaine 31:16

Immerse yourself in a wealth of insights in this compelling new episode featuring Rob Bergeron, one of Louisville's premier investor-friendly real estate agents. Rob goes beyond mere property transactions; he envisions your home as a vital component of your future.
Specializing in Airbnb, Multifamily, BRRRRs, flipping, and wholesaling, Rob stands as your go-to expert for navigating Louisville's dynamic real estate market. Uncover his unique perspectives and expertise gained from hosting investor meetups, including one alongside BiggerPockets Podcast host David Greene in San Francisco, offering profound insights into the intricacies of the Louisville market.

With a remarkable six years of hosting quarterly investor luncheons, Rob brings an abundance of knowledge to the table, actively serving over 880+ members on the board of the local REIA, KREIA—the largest real estate investing group in Kentucky.
Don't miss this episode as we delve into how Rob Bergeron is reshaping the role of an investor-friendly real estate agent and influencing the real estate landscape in Louisville, one deal at a time.
Show Highlights: 
✅ Unlocking Lucrative Real Estate Opportunities with Rob 
✅ Rob's Passionate Approach to Real Estate 
✅ Mastering News for Sales Success in Real Estate 
✅ Building a Robust Louisville Network in Real Estate 
✅ Shifting Perspectives in the Louisville Real Estate Market 
✅ Rob's Reflection on a Decade-Old Wisdom Wish 
✅ Navigating Through the Worst Advice Rob Has Ever Received 
✅ Discovering Rob's Guiding Axiom for Life 
✅ How to Get in Touch with Rob for Further Guidance

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RobBergeron502/
Web: https://thelouisvillenetwork.com/?fbclid=IwAR2x1tJ3T4amJNfyBIjUfIzACfXI9vlTapxQBg0j8ye1O2XvQdDiVzH2D0c

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David McIlwaine Host of Break Your Golden Handcuffs

David McIlwaine is a seasoned entrepreneur and successful executive with deep experience in business growth, scale and delivering results. His real estate experience is vast--spanning over 20 years. Experience, knowledge and understanding have been gained firsthand by either currently owning or having owned multifamily units, commercial retail development, asset management, single family, vacation rental properties, second homes and custom builds. He personally wore Golden Handcuffs for almost 14 years, successfully gaining sovereignty over his career and net worth along the way. He founded MAC Assets in 2019 and its portfolio currently includes property in the southeast and mountain west. At present he is a general partner in 1,000 doors.

David’s entrepreneurial experience spans a highly successful sales career in several areas including Real Estate, Marketing/Advertising, and Information Technology start ups. He has a variety of first hand experience including having held C Level positions, led teams across the US to overperformance, raised capital, executed mergers, implemented improvements in operating systems, coached diverse constituencies, created and delivered strategic growth initiatives all leading to successful outcomes. David graduated from the University of Kansas with a BS in Journalism and Advertising.