1. Undeniable: Shon Christy - The Evolution of Social Media Professionalism Peter Cimoroni 34:29

A leader in thought and transformation. Shon brings to us a new way to create value and professionalism within the realm of Social Media and content management and deployment. His efficacy for the discipline and new thought as how to disseminate that position is ground breaking and evolved. Give a listen for you will be informed and entertained.

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Peter Cimoroni is a serial entrepreneur that has also assisted dozens of local and national companies in strategic growth, brand development, and acquisition negotiations. Peter founded and heads two companies, one a marketing firm specializing in new product development and charity fundraising, the other offering customers a single contact point for business solutions requiring professional services.

As host of the Blood Time Podcast, Peter has delivered 50 episodes and counting of engaging and meaningful interviews with his guests. Episodes have reached nearly 1,000 impressions per episode and has amassed a social media following of over 10k in its’ first year.