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Yosemite – A Park for All Seasons

  1. Yosemite - A Park for All Seasons Big Blend Radio Network 42:24

On this episode of Big Blend Radio, travel writer and author Linda Ballou shares her outdoor adventures in Yosemite National Park and her stay at Tenaya Lodge, located just outside the south entrance. One of our greatest natural treasures, Yosemite offers an array of natural attractions throughout the year, and matter when you visit, you will not be disappointed. You can read Linda’s article here: https://nationalparktraveling.com/listing/yosemite-a-park-for-all-seasons/

Featured music is “Fall Winter” from the album “Yuna” by the duo Yagull. https://www.yagull.com/

Based in Southern California, Linda Ballou is a Southern California-based travel writer, and author. You will find a host of travel articles on her site www.LostAngelAdventures.com. For more about her novels and travel books go to www.LindaBallouAuthor.com.

Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

Top Senior Adventures Blog Linda's mission is to experience as many beautiful places on our planet as she can before they are no more. Travel tales relating her experiences while kayaking, horseback riding, sailing, birding and hiking about the globe have appeared in numerous national magazines. She had great fun collecting travel stories, and profiles of people she met in “naturally high places” for her book, Lost Angel Walkabout-One Traveler’s Tales. Her latest book Lost Angel Unleashed is the third book in her Lost Angel Trilogy

Go to LostAngelAdventures.com for more adventures.

For more about Linda’s novels and media offerings go to. www.LindaBallouAuthor.com

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