1. Rising from the Ashes with Guest Author Harper Glenn Maccabee and Marccella 1:00:40

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Join us as we delve into the dystopian world of Harper Glenn’s newest release, Monarch Rising. Set in a chilling near-future America, we’ll explore the struggles of protagonist Jo Monarch as she fights to escape poverty and rise to power in the borderlands of New Georgia. But her journey is not without obstacles, as she faces off against a boy trained to manipulate and deceive. Listen as we unpack the themes of interracial relationships, class divide and the power struggle, and discuss the thought-provoking social and economic issues brought to light in this gripping novel. Trigger Warning: We’ll be discussing drug addiction, mental health, and physical and mental abuse. Listener discretion is advised.

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Maccabee is a husband of 19 yrs, father of two boys, Army vet, voice actor, writer, and podcast co-host of Beyond the Pen. Growing up in the theater and working as a voice actor, script analysis has been a critical skill he's been perfecting over the years. This skill has allowed him to look past what the author wants you to see and discover the truth between the words and the printed paper. Every story is unique, and so are the authors.

Marccella, a self-proclaimed bookworm, is an advocate for authors and their unique voices. Since learning to read at aged 6, Marccella could be found in the library with her nose in a good book. As an avid reader, Marccella recognized that there was untapped potential in the author community and was decidedly committed to creating valuable spaces to have conversations with writers of all genres. As a result, Marccella united with Maccabee (her brother from another mother) to further her vision of expanding the reach of authors and their audience.