1. How to Make an Impact with Your Art | Special Guest Clutch Cabin Coach Red Wallace 51:46

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Today, Coach Red Wallace sits down with special guest Clutch Cabin, he is a multi-genre artist hailing from Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey. He is unapologetically himself, using a multitude of sounds to create an honest and introspective soundscape. He writes, performs, and produces almost every track himself.   His growing catalog, currently sitting at 31 tracks, is mainly a reflection of past relationships, mental health, trauma, the unconscious mind, and his personal outlook on life. Some of his influences include: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Lil Peep, Dire Straits, Jack Johnson, XXXTENTACION, Linkin Park, and Bon Iver.   With 4 years releasing music under his belt so far, Clutch Cabin plans to make music his life. Through his vulnerable lyricism and engaging instrumentals, he aims to be a place of healing, comfort, and acceptance for those who need it most

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My name is Red Wallace, I'm a podcast host, creative mindset coach and drummer. I have knowledge in the creative space, from a 10 year rap career, to 4 years as a video editor for a successful youtube ministry. Now I help high potential, high achievers, gain confidence and clarity in their creative identity through group and private coaching and consulting.