1. Unnoticed Heroes: Advocates for Foster and Immigrant Children Keith Haney 47:57

Imagine a world where every child has a loving home. Are we there yet? Unfortunately, no. But our guests today, Richard Villasana and Antoine Morrison, are two men on a mission to change that, with an extraordinary journey of advocacy for foster and immigrant children and a unique gift of locating missing people, respectively. What if you had the power to create tangible change for these children? Well, you do, and we're here to explore how.

Join us as we navigate Richard's compelling story from Navy veteran to renowned author and advocate, notably the founder of Forever Homes for Foster Kids. Richard's wisdom and dedication offer a fresh perspective on the state of the foster care system and its impact on immigrant children. As well, we're putting the spotlight on Antoine's remarkable ability to track down people, a gift he uses to reunite separated families within the foster care system. Their stories and insights are bound to stir your emotions and inspire action.

As we continue our conversation, we delve into the details of Richard's bestselling and award-winning book, 'Do No Harm'. His emphasis on the importance of paying attention to children in foster care will hit home, urging us to ensure that every child has a place they can call home and the love and care they deserve. So, tune in, let's address the systemic issues affecting foster children, and explore the ways we can all make a difference.

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