1. Transforming Conflict into Calm: A Conversation with Mediator Hesha Abrams Keith Haney 48:09

Ever wondered how to communicate effectively, build understanding across diverse perspectives, or find calm amidst chaos? Today's conversation with internationally acclaimed attorney-mediator, Hesha Abrams, will give you the tools you need. Hesha takes us on an enlightening journey, sharing her experiences and practical wisdom on transforming conflict into calm. She opens up about her personal experiences, including a touching moment with her grandson, underscoring the importance of living in the present.

Hesha's toolkit isn't just about achieving calmness; it's also about understanding others and fostering effective communication. From her early days as a lawyer to becoming a master mediator, she offers invaluable insights into navigating difficult dialogues and understanding what makes individuals tick. We also navigate the intricate landscape of environmental negotiations, learning how environmental groups have managed to broker compromises between the need for environmental protection and oil and gas interests.

As we round up our chat, we touch on living authentically and creating a legacy. Hesha reminds us that the circumstances of our upbringing shouldn't dictate our choices or limit our potential. She underlines the richness of giving back to the younger generation and the power of understanding undulation. Through her wisdom, you'll uncover how to focus on the positive during challenging times and how you can connect with her and her work. This impactful discussion is one you certainly wouldn't want to miss!

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