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July 4th, 2024

Creating an Environment of Belonging and Self-Trust

  1. Creating an Environment of Belonging and Self-Trust Keith Haney 50:11

Join us for an electrifying conversation with Marc Scheff as he reveals the ultimate advice that transformed his life! Discover how mentors and role models shaped his leadership style and Coaching approach. Get ready to unlock breakthrough moments by mastering the art of listening and asking powerful questions. Stay tuned as Marc gives us a sneak peek into his upcoming book, ‘A Feeling of Belonging,’ delving into the essence of authenticity. Dive into a world where self-trust, purpose, and values reign supreme as Marc shares insights on unleashing creativity and embracing your true potential. Don’t miss out on Marc’s mission to empower you to live in harmony with your core beliefs!

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I am a servant-leader who is adept at wearing multiple hats. In addition to hosting a captivating podcast and writing a thought-provoking blog, Keith brings a wealth of experience and knowledge.

I have over 30 years of experience in church leadership, project management, and recruiting top professionals. His passion for ministry outreach shines through in every podcast episode and every blog post he writes.

Known for taking a collaborative approach I share insights and inspiring stories throughout my podcast episodes and blog posts.

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