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From Addiction to Redemption – How to Live With No Doubt – D Arlando Fortune : 138

  1. From Addiction to Redemption - How to Live With No Doubt - D Arlando Fortune : 138 48:26

D. Arlando Fortune shares his compelling journey of internal conflicts that led him to lead a double life of public success and private struggles, as well as the humbling moments that led him to embrace his faith and higher purpose. From being a top student and baseball team captain to battling addiction and ultimately finding his purpose, he turned his setbacks into stepping stones and reshaped his outlook on life.
Fortune is a self-publishing strategist, bestselling author, and founder of No Doubt Nation. He created the SIGNATURE Book Formula and the #OneBookAway Movement. Fortune also hosts the Wealthy Author Podcast, teaching entrepreneurs and speakers how to write, publish, and monetize their books.
He opens up about how the birth of his daughter acted as a pivotal moment in his recovery and discusses the strategies he's using to equip his children with the tools to make positive life choices, emphasizing the significance of individual personality traits and Resilience.
Fortune also shares his spiritual transformation and journey from darkness to becoming an inspiring author. One of his many books is “Unlimited Potential: How to Stop Living with Fear, Doubt, and Uncertainty.” His passion for education and community building has driven him to help others unlock their true potential. This episode focuses on the power of redemption, faith, and intentional living.
Let's enjoy his story!

To connect with Fortune: https://fourhourbook.com/
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