1. Ep. 78: Brandy Ramirez, SheStrong Inc., Cancer Survivor, Athlete & Coach Kate Cherichello 19:40

This week on Be The Good with Kate: Brandy Ramirez did not get into fitness until after having her third child. She started walking, then running, then it kept growing from there. Now she is an ironman competitor, coach, certified fitness pro, and more. In between, she went through an intense battle with cancer, which led her to finding a path to helping other women going through similar journeys. 

Cancer with no family history or other ‘common reasons’, Brandy explains a moment of a breakdown in the shower when she had the realization: I am supposed to be helping other people through this. 

Brandy founded SheStrong, which began as a Facebook group, and it has grown to a worldwide community of women helping women. 

Brandy has an incredible story filled with challenges, Resilience, Moving forward slowly but consistently, and faith in herself– and, as she stresses, never giving up. 

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