1. Ep. 73: Micah Kessel, Executive Director, Empathable Kate Cherichello 37:21

“Walking in the shoes of other people”, Experiential learning rather than ‘talking heads’, Empathy as the basis for interacting with those around us, Experience design… These are just a few of the amazing deep dives in this week’s episode of Be The Good with Kate.

Executive Director of Empathable, Micah Kessel, joins me today to share so much insight and wisdom into how we communicate, adapt, and view the world.

From the Empathable website: “Empathy-centered leadership and team training, for a more emotionally intelligent generation of Belonging + Learning & Development.”

How experiential learning changes behavior… I will just leave it at that. It was fascinating to listen to Micah.

Listen to the end for really great exercise you can do at home, too.

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