1. Ep. 67: Sofie Lindberg, Host of Claim Your Potential Kate Cherichello 29:10

This week on Be The Good with Kate we meet Sofie Lindberg, host of Claim Your Potential, and she gives us so much insight and inspiration (while being the youngest guest we have had on the show yet!).

A few takeaways:

  • Seeking out opportunities to follow your interests & become well-rounded from a young age
  • The nonprofit sector– and that you are never too young to do something
  • Growing up around a lot of different cultures
  • Being one of the only native English speakers at her high school
  • A reminder of how much an impact saying thank you can have

Sofie’s bio: Sofie Lindberg is an empowerment expert who uses her past struggles to guide and motivate others. She is the creator and host of Claim Your Potential, a podcast dedicated to empowering women and girls to reach their full academic, emotional, financial, and professional potential. Sofie is also a full-time student, an avid fencer, a nonprofit associate, and the program director of a university-wide sustainability initiative. Sofie’s story is one of Resilience, dedication, and personal growth. Her life’s goal is to help women achieve their ambitions and live a life of purpose.

Follow Sofie:

  • @claimpotential
  • claimyourpotential.com

~~Join me each Friday, as I ask an individual five questions about the good they are doing in the world via following their passions. Be inspired by their example and advice on how each of us has the ability to make a difference.~~

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