1. Ep. 60: Kevin Cassidy, Hollywood Stuntman to Entrepreneur, Father, Author, & More Kate Cherichello 21:33

Do you know your Who vs your What?

How do you stay true to Who you are while in Hollywood performing fight scenes in Marvel movies? How about when you are a father of three? Or a business owner in North Carolina? Oh, how about when you are in the minor leagues?

Today’s guest has been all of these Whats, and he has kept his Who at the heart of it all.

I love how Kevin Cassidy dives into this concept while sharing his story on Be The Good with Kate this week.

And Hollywood stuntman? That’s certainly a new one here on the show! Yet that is but one facet of Kevin’s incredible story.

Due to a birth defect, Kevin was unfortunately bullied throughout grade school. Eventually he became an athlete, and then even played in the minor leagues. Next, while pursuing a career as a teacher, things took a wild turn. Kevin has since been in multiple Marvel movies, The Dark Knight Rises, SALT, and many, many more.

After 18 years in Hollywood, he left to be able to focus more on his three young children and wife and opened a ninja training center in his home of North Carolina. He was drawn to how a ninja center offers a different mentality in teamwork and enjoyment rather than the intensity of competition in many children’s sports. He loves mentoring, and is also an author and speaker. Throughout all of this, his focus on being your WHOLE self is completely inspiring.

I had such a great time chatting with Kevin!

If you would like to know more, I highly recommend Kevin’s book, Falling Down to Find Myself. I could not put it down. His fascinating stories are interwoven through philosophy, and I absolutely loved it.

  • Kevincass.com

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